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Apple Back To School Offer-Get Apple Products at Huge Discounts

Apple Back To School Offer-Get Apple Products at Huge Discounts

Apple doesn’t often have sales on their products. But its generosity does spread to Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and the Apple Back to School Offer. Every year, the iPhone manufacturer kicks off bundle deals on their MacBooks and iPad devices. On top of its regular Apple’s Education Store discounts to get students and other once ready for a new school year.

Following a release in late June or early July. It’s Back to School Offer is currently active in the US, UK, and Europe.

In this article, we’ll talk with you about Apple’s Back to School Offer and how to get a student discount at the Apple Education Store.

Things In Included To Apple Back To School Offer 2022?

Apple’s Back to School offer in the UK, North America and Europe all follow the same concept. You’ll get additional gift cards on top of Apple’s standard educational pricing with the purchase of specific models of Apple iMac, MacBook and iPad.

The gift cards amount is related to the model of iMac, iPad or MacBook that you’re after. If you opt for the iPad Air, iPad Pro (2021) or iPad Pro 12.9 (2021). You can get a decent $100/£80/€100 back to spend on other Apple products and accessories from Apple Education Stores.

However, if you want to buy a new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro (13, 14 and 16in) or an iMac , you’ll receive a more essential $150/£120/€150 gift voucher.

Students can also get 3 months free access to Apple Music and Apple TV, and 20% off Applecare+. Apple’s devices insurance program that covers accidental damages at a small, lower Cost.

Is Apple Give Away Free AirPods In 2022?

Not in 2022.

But in past years, Apple has offered credit towards Beats headphones (and more recently, AirPods) in their Back To School Offer, with Mac and iPad purchases in Apple’s Education Stores. In 2021, Apple was offering £159/$159 credit that Students may add to a set of AirPods earphones, effectively making them free.

Dates Of Apple Back to School Offer 2022 ? 

Apple Back to School Offer US & Canada dates

Apple started their Back to School Offer in the US and Canada on 24th June, with the event scheduled to run until 26th September. See Apple’s Education Store. The date is basically in conformity with last year’s schedule, when the sale launched on 17th June.

Back in year 2020, the Apple Back to School Offer in the US was originally supposed to end on 29th September but was extended to 12th October – just a day before Prime Day 2020 started – and we can see the same this year, but it’s unconfirmed for now. 

Apple Back To School Offer UK dates

Following on from the offer in the US in late June, Apple officially kicked off its Back to School offer in the UK on 14th July, with the event running all the way until 20th October. While it is in line with last year’s event, it is slightly later than Apple’s usual early July start. More details for visit Apple’s Education Store UK.

Apple Back To School Offer Europe dates

As with the UK, the Back to School Sale began on 14th July. This sale is start on 14th July, and it’s set to run until 20th October 2022 in most countries in Europe.

Dates for Australia, New Zealand And South Korea

The Education sale has been completed for these regions. It was held from 6th January to 14th March, 2022. This sale has been held from 7th January to 16th March, 2021. you can get more details and regarding the dates of the offer in this regions,

Included Apple Products In Apple’s Student Discount ?

Apple’s education discount is available all year long. It’s only during the back-to-school season that customers can make the most of Apple’s bundled freebies.

  • MacBook Air (M1) from $899/£898
  • MacBook Air (M2) from $1,099/£1,149
  • MacBook Pro (13in, 14in, 16in) from $1,199/£1,249
  • iMac 24 (M1) from $1,249/£1,124
  • Mac mini from $649/£628
  • Mac Pro from $5,549/£4,948
  • iPad Pro (M1) from $749/£711
  • iPad Air (5th gen, 2022) from $549/£526
  • iPad (9th gen, 2021) from $309/£309

You can get more details about these products prices, Read our articles About Macbooks Details And Discounts, iPad Details And Discounts

Who Qualifies for Apple Education Store Offer?

Education pricing is available to newly accepted university students. Parents buying for university students as well as teachers and staff at all levels in the education industry. You can read their Terms And Conditions for more details or read our main article about Apple Back To School Offer.

How To Get Apple Back To School Offer 2022 ?

We recommend that you, First you want register your details via your university email. And have your university student ID card and details at hand whether you order for delivery or in-store collection. you can visit to Apple Education Store and find details.

you can read our article about How to shop in Apple Education Store With Apple Education Discount for buying guidance.

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