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Black Friday Sale: Black Friday mobile phone deals (60% OFF)

Black Friday mobile phone deals

Black Friday mobile phone deals (60% oFF) WHY?

Idealo, the European price comparator, has found that smartphone prices have the unfortunate tendency to increase by 20% in the two months leading up to Black Friday. And it’s like that every year.

It’s November 29th that the kickoff will be given. As every year, Black Friday mobile phone deals will be an opportunity to enjoy significant discounts on thousands of items … Or not? According to Idealo, the price comparator, the online shopping sites take the opportunity to inflate the prices of the devices a few weeks ago, to better bring them down on a new day.

Online shopping sites swell the price of smartphones several weeks before Black Friday

According to the study conducted by Idealo, smartphones are experiencing a 20%  increase over the October / November period compared to their rates in the July / August period. Ideal uses data from many sites, whether they sell new or refurbished products. Its database contains merchants such as Fnac, Rue du Commerce, Boulanger, Rakuten and Amazon. Still, according to the same study, smartphones are not the only high-tech products concerned. TVs are also experiencing tariff increases in the same period, which is 12%.

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Remember this, we are online shopping time, we can be face problem, therefore, we are recommended to you read first purchases online;

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If this increase occurs between October and November, it is that this period coincides with a few weeks with Black Friday. The online stores (at this point, we will not name anyone) would inflate the prices of devices upstream of Black Friday, so as to show a significant discount once the day of promotions. In addition, the verification of a displayed price with respect to the crossed price is generally done via a comparator. And as these same comparators record all the variations from one day to another, from one week to another or from one month to another, the consumer who does not pay attention will see only fire, unless he takes the time to go back several months.

A practice that in itself is not illegal and that the UFC Que-Choisir denounced yet a few years ago. Before buying on a whim at Black Friday, it is better now to compare prices posted on the last 3 or 4 months and to go to the manufacturer’s website to know the original price of a smartphone.

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