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Echo Dot at a knockdown price with one month subscription to Amazon

The Echo Dot at a knockdown price with one month subscription to Amazon Music

Amazon offers a good deal on one of its flagship connected products, the Echo Dot . It is possible to have it with one month of Amazon Music Unlimited subscription at a great price but beware, this offer is not accessible to all, explanations.

Echo Dot at a knockdown price


This special offer offered by Amazon Music is valid until August 21, 2020 only for eligible subscribers or new subscribers . To check if you are affected, simply log into your Amazon account after following the link above. If so, then you can enjoy an Echo Dot speaker with one month Amazon Music Unlimited subscription for only 19.98 euros.

Please note, at the end of the first month of subscription, it will be renewed automatically at the price of 9.99 euros per month. If you do not wish to continue it, then you will have to cancel your subscription before its automatic renewal so that the cancellation is effective during the month following the billing.

What is Amazon Music Unlimited?

It’s an ad-free music streaming service with over 60 million tracks available. Discover the most recent and popular music albums of the moment and a wide choice of playlists and radios. Also with the possibility of listening to your music offline.

Regarding the Echo Dot, it is a connected speaker that has the Alexa assistant. So by means of a simple voice command, you have the possibility to listen to your favorite music, have you read the news, check the weather forecast or even call or send a message to anyone who has an Echo device.

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