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[40% OFF] HUGE Price Drops on PS5 Christmas deals 2022

HUGE Price Drops on Christmas PS5 deals 2022

HUGE price Drops on Christmas PS5 deals 2022 – Christmas PS5 deals are on the horizon

On the hunt for great Christmas PS5 deals? You’re not alone. Sony’s PS5 (PlayStation 5 ) has been a hot commodity since it was released back in 2020, but getting your hands on one has proved consistently hard.

Despite the ongoing semiconductor shortage, stock is beginning to improve. This means that getting your hands on a PS5 during Christmas 2022 should be somewhat easier than it was last year.

Christmas takes place on December 25 this year, but expect to see discounts popping up soon. While it’s unlikely we’ll see sales on the PS5 console, especially since Sony has raised the price of the hardware, holiday deals will be plentiful when it comes to the best PS5 games and gear.

During Prime Day earlier this year, some of the best deals were on SSDs and PS5 storage expansion products that let you download and install more games at any time. It might also be a good time to pick up one of the best PS5 headsets or the best PS5 accessories.

However, if you’re determined to get a console, it’s important to keep an eye on PS5 restock updates. In fact, since we’re unlikely to see console sales during Christmas, we’d recommend buying a console if you see one available rather than waiting until Christmas when demand is higher.

Ready to bag yourself a bargain this Christmas? Read on for everything you need to know about Christmas PS5 deals, including what discounts we expect and which retailers to keep an eye on.

Best Early Christmas PS5 Deals USA

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Best Early Christmas PS5 Deals UK


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  • PlayStation Store

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Should you wait for a Christmas PS5 deal?

When it comes to the consoles themselves, we’d advise not waiting. If you see a PS5 for sale at a price you can afford then you shouldn’t wait for Christmas deals. It’s very unlikely that there will be discounts on the consoles themselves. Not even Amazon has offered flash sales on the consoles, so we’re unlikely to see price cuts anytime soon.

It’s a different story when it comes to games and accessories. If you’re thinking of buying a game that came out in 2021 or even earlier this year , it is worth holding off until the big retailers start their Christmas sales. This goes double for accessories, which can see significant price reductions over this period, too.

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Christmas PS5 Deals : Our Predictions

When will the best Christmas PS5 deals start in 2022?

Christmas is technically on December 25. However, discounts on games and accessories can crop up weeks before the big day.

We’ll be pulling together all the deals we see in the run-up to Christmas and if we think the discount is too good to wait on, we’ll tell you. So be sure to check back here to not miss any great gaming deals.

Which retailers will have the best Christmas PS5 deals?

The major retailers tend to have the best Christmas PS5 deals, as well as offering custom bundles, next-day delivery, and good warranties on your purchases. We’ll be keeping an eye on them all ahead of November, but if you want to have a look at what’s on offer currently, these are our recommendations.

Will we see PS5 stock shortages on Christmas?

Almost certainly. The high demand for the PS5, coupled with the ongoing microchip shortage means that, while there are more consoles available than last year, this is when a lot of people will be looking to buy a PS5, so stock will be stretched thin. This is why we recommend buying a PS5 sooner rather than later, so as to avoid any potential stock problems closer to Christmas proper.

What kinds of Christmas PS5 deals can we expect this year?

Unfortunately, it looks unlikely that there will be PS5 Christmas deals on the console itself. Expect deals on accessories and SSD cards. There must be huge discounts upto 50% off on both gear and like the PS5 Pulse 3D Wireless headset and more third-party offerings like the Beach Stealth 700.

A SSD is one of the most expensive upgrades you can buy for your PS5, but the extra storage for your console allows you to keep a larger library of games installed and ready to play. Christmas Day is one of the best times of the year to buy an SSD, they have deep discounts and there are often plenty of options to choose from. During Prime Day in July, SSDs were among the best deals we saw of the week; Just make sure you don’t buy the wrong product.

As for discounts on games, in addition to the sales offered over Last Year’s Christmas, it seems likely that we’ll see discounts on Horizon Forbidden West, Elden Ring, and possibly even The Last of Us Part I. This is a great chance to pick up three of the best PS5 game console of the year.

Tips for getting the Christmas PS5 Deals

Here are our three top tips for bagging a great Christmas PS5 deal:

  • Look for bundles

If you plan to get a PS5 console, look for bundles. While they are unlikely to see price cuts, they are cost effective and allow you to kill two birds with one stone if you are looking for a particular accessory or game.

  • You don’t have to wait for Christmas

Remember, even though it’s not an issue this year, PS5 inventory is still a big factor. If you see a package you like and it’s not Christmas yet, we recommend taking the initiative anyway to avoid disappointment.

  • Shop around

Make sure to shop around. Different retailers often offer different sales and exclusive offers on certain products. Don’t make your life any more difficult – play the course and see what’s on offer. This is best deals also vital if you want to buy the new ps5 game console.

Conclusion About Best Early PS5 Christmas Deals 2022

This article is very useful for PS lovers. Because now they can buy or upgrade their PS dream before the Christmas deals. Don’t wait for the Christmas. These are the best early deals in the world.