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When is Black Friday 2020 and what are they provide Sales

When is Black Friday 2020 and what are they provide Sales

When is Black Friday 2020
Black Friday 2020 Date: Friday, November 27th, 2020

When is White Friday 2020?

Black Friday is the Friday immediately after Thanksgiving when retailers begin the holiday shopping season. Black Friday 2020 will start on Friday, November 27, 2020, and if you are thinking about canceling Black Friday then no, Black Friday has not been canceled in the U.S. In fact, we may see retailers still trust more about these seasonal discounts this year. This means we can see Black Friday deals long before Thanksgiving, even in October. Black Friday is more than a one-day sales event, or even an extended weekend tradition; But it will be a full month of savings in 2020.

Several US retailers like Walmart, Best Buy and Target are giving their employees Thanksgiving this year to avoid in-store traffic amid the global pandemic. So we might see a lot of deals online this year. All of this will make Black Friday deals online even more significant. As the Black Friday deals spill over the Internet, traditional retailers will be competing against digital giants like Amazon, eBay, and even Newegg. Walmart has become one of the first retailers to announce such a move, as the holiday deals will be offered not only in store but also online. Our research shows that while Black Friday deals may seem too good to be missed, they don’t always represent big deals. Some of the discounted products are not really worth buying, while others can be found at cheaper prices at other times of the year.

Will Black Friday 2020 be different?

The answer to this question would be yes. Yes, it will be different from previous years. Shopping trends from the coronavirus pandemic are forcing retailers to rethink holiday shopping. Black Friday 2020 should bring with it many discounts and offers, but we expect there will be some changes in shopping behavior thanks to the pandemic. Due to the pandemic, we may see that many stores are being pressured to avoid in-store traffic and this will allow many offers to be available online. In fact, we might see a lot of Black Friday pre-sales starting in October. Retailers are keen to set aside a vacation period, to make up for lost revenue from the pandemic. Stores are extending the shopping season by expanding White Friday deals to online shoppers.

Black Friday season starts early

We expect the Black Friday season to begin in early October. We might see Black Friday deals start on Amazon Prime Day. Amazon postponed Prime Day this year, which is usually celebrated in July. Last week they announced Prime Day would start on Tuesday, October 13th, and run until Wednesday, October 14th. Target is also announcing the Deal Days event, in an apparent bid to compete with Prime Day, so we might see some good target deals. Walmart announced the Big Save event, which will be held from October 11-15. They’ll offer Black Friday-like savings on thousands of items. Home Depot also announced earlier this month that it will offer sales beginning in early November both online and in store. Hopefully, more retailers will join them and start Black Friday sales early.

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