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Xiaomi Waterproof Water Leakage Alarm Detector Sale

Xiaomi Waterproof Water Leakage Alarm Water Detection Water Leakage Alarm Detector Sound Box Link App Reminder IP67 Anti Dust Waterproof Works with Mijia App

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Xiaomi Waterproof Water Leakage Alarm Detector Features

Xiaomi Smart Water Leak Sensor Wireless WiFi Leakage Alarm Detector Flood Water Sensor Detection for Home Safety

Xiaomi immersion Guards take advantage of the electrical conductivity of the water.

When the immersion height reaches 1mm, the two metal probes form a path, so as to linkage with other intelligent products to issue reminders and take timely countermeasures to avoid greater losses.

Xiaomi Water Immeoai Speakers.

When a water flood is detected, the Xiaomi speakers will play a sound reminder, and the your smartphone will also receive a flood notification.

Through the Mijia APP, information such as flood history, battery power and dental gate signal strength can be checked at any time.

When the millet immersion Guard is in a low power state, it will also remind to replace the battery.