How to Earn Money Online from Holding Bitcoin for a Long Time

How to Earn Money Online from Holding Bitcoin for a Long Time

How to Earn Money Online from Holding Bitcoin for a Long Time – Hold Bitcoin

This method is also popular among those who trade in cryptocurrency. This is called Holding Bitcoin for a Long Time. What happens here is that we keep Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency for a long time until it becomes profitable and sell it.

Most people hold a portion of Bitcoin during day trading. That is, both methods are done opportunistically. On the other hand, we can do the same for other cryptocurrencies. This means that other cryptocurrencies can be bought at a lower price and sold when the price is higher.

On the other hand, because Bitcoin is more expensive now, it is possible to make more money from other cryptocurrencies than Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin is what we call Alt Coin. We hope to talk about Alt Coin Trading in the next article, so we’re going to talk about that at length in that article.

If someone wants to do Hold instead of doing Day Trade we do not need to send it to Bitcoin Binance taken from Paxful. Instead we can send some Bitcoin to a wallet.

But security is good even if it is in Binance. But instead you can send some Bitcoin to the Coinbase Wallet we created in a previous article. There we have to give the Coinbase Wallet Address to the address where we want to send Bitcoin in Paxful.

We talked about how to get a Bitcoin address in Coinbase in a previous article. You can watch it here if you want.

Also, the hardware wallet we talked about in the same article is a security measure to keep Bitcoin for a long time. I will post a separate video explaining how to work from the Hardware Wallet.

Create Binance Account Step by Step

if you haven’t Binance Account yet, refer the below button and refer our previous articles for get good guidance for create your account perfectly.

Create Binance Account

OK,  going to end this Earn Money Online from Holding Bitcoin article here as well. In the next article I will explain to you how to send the Bitcoin mentioned in our article to one Cryptocurrency Exchange and buy in other cryptocurrencies and make huge profits through their price change.