How to Invest in Bitcoin and Make Money Online

How to Invest in Bitcoin and Make Money Online

You have now gained an understanding of the functionality and technology of Bitcoin in previous articles. Through this article you will learn how to How to Invest in Bitcoin and Make Money Online and how to send it to the wallet we created in the previous article. Here’s a few things to keep in mind: The first thing you should consider is investing only the amount you can afford. You already know that the higher the investment risk, the higher the risk.

In other words, “High risk high return, Low risk low return” so you need to understand that well and start this work. One who does not understand this can never be a successful investor. So when you invest in Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency, there are two situations that can make you anxious.

  1. Opportunity to make unimaginable profits
  2. The moment of severe loss

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. In such a case, the biggest mistake an investor makes is to invest his money at an unaffordable level in order to make more profit without reaping the profits he has made. So in that case you run the risk of losing both the profit you made and the money you invested later.

Also, even if you incur heavy losses, investors will be tempted to invest more money to cover your losses. That’s why we always ask you to invest as much money as you can afford. Because there is a risk in any investment.

Also, a successful investor does not have to worry about making a profit or a loss every time. They make a profit when they make a profit and minimize the loss when they make a profit and take their investment to a profitable position. Okay, so I think you understand that too. Because before you buy Bitcoin you need to understand it well.

Right now we come to the topic How do we buy Bitcoin? While many countries in the world transact through Bitcoin and pay for various goods and services, our country is still not ready for it.

At least the Paypal service is not fully supported in our country. We can not give up just saying that. Already young people are making unimaginable amounts of money on the internet.

If we live in Sri Lanka and buy Batcoin, the easiest way is to buy it through the Binance website.

For that, we will teach you how to create an account correctly on the Binance website as follows. You can use your phone or computer or laptop for this. First, click on the Create Binance Account Button below.


In the next article we will talk step by step how to make a profit from this purchased Bitcoin.

Create Binance Account