How to Make Money Online Successfully With Bitcoin

How to Make Money Online Successfully With Bitcoin

In all the previous articles we have gained the basic knowledge required for the topic or Bitcoin trading required for the topic we are going to talk about today How to Make Money Online Successfully With Bitcoin.

We also bought Bitcoin from Binance and set up the wallet. So we think you’re probably buying Bitcoin as we learned in the last article. If you bought Bitcoin that way, select P2P under the top wallet of your Binance Account as shown in the image below.

Here you can see the amount of USDT we have purchased in the top right corner. As I told you in the last part of the previous article, today we are mainly talking about how to make a profit from Bitcoin. Here are three main ways in which we can make a profit.

  1. Send our purchased Bitcoin to an exchange and make a profit by selling and buying in a short period of time. (Day Trading)
  2. Send the purchased Bitcoin Exchange to a secure wallet and keep it for many years and make a huge profit at once.
  3. Send Bitcoin to a Cryptocurrency Exchange and buy other cryptocurrencies and make huge profits by changing their prices.

We will talk about these three situations one by one in detail.

Make Money Online Successfully With Bitcoin – Short-term Buying and Selling

In this section we will talk about how to buy Bitcoin and other Coins in USDT. And how to make sales and purchases while making a profit in the short term. Most of the existing cryptocurrency exchanges provide a lot of facilities to a trader, Binance Exchange is correct.

This is due to the Trader easy user interface as well as the app which has many features. You can trade using the Binance App on our smart phone.

The other important thing is that they have provided security for our Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency on their behalf as well as for us. Binance Exchange also supports many of the major cryptocurrencies currently available. If you did not create a Binance Account as in the previous article, in the first part of this article we will look at how to create a Binance Account correctly. Enter Create Binance Account below.

Create Binance Account


Create Binance Account and Deposit Step by Step

So you can see the Binance Website as shown in the picture below. Enter your Email in the Email field. Next, give the password a strong password. Do not enter the password you give to all of them here. Because we deal here with money. Therefore, as I said in the previous article, you need to take action to ensure the security of the email and the accounts you create. Next, create a Create Account.

Next you will get a puzzle and set it correctly. Then a verification code has been sent to the email you have given to confirm the email given as shown below and the verification code should be given. Enter your email and enter the code.

Account Verification

After giving the code, you will get a welcome message as follows and several options to deposit funds. For now, let’s skip that and go into the account and see what’s there. Enter the Go to Dashboard.

So next you will be given an option to verify your phone number as shown in the image below. The intention here is to send you a code from Binance to your phone when you log in to Binance and give you the opportunity to log in to the Binance account after entering it. This is essential for the security of your account.

Another option is to use Google Verification. Then download the Google Authenticator App to your phone and scan the QR Code from the Google Authenticator App when you click on Google Verification. Also back up the QR Code and the Backup Code.

You can activate both Google Verification and Phone Verification and here we will talk about how to activate Phone Verification. Then click on the Phone Verification indicated by the arrow. Next, enter the Phone Number at the location indicated by the arrow as shown in the image below and send it to both the SMS Verification Code and the E-mail Verification Code.

Next, enter the code you receive on your phone and the code you receive on your email in the appropriate locations. Now our Binance Account is almost done and can deposit and trade.

Binance Account Main Dashboard



The first arrow indicates Verify as shown in the image above. Verifying the Binance Account is not mandatory. You can trade, deposit and withdraw everything without verifying. If the Binance Account is not verified when withdrawing, only 2 Bitcoins can be withdrawn per day. Approximately $ 20,000.

So there is no problem of not verifying. Of course, it is better to verify for our own protection.

If you forget your password and one day have a problem getting the code on your phone while logging into Binance.

you can prove that this is your own account only if you have verified it.

So go to the place indicated by the first arrow and give the real information and verify as we did when we made the previous Paxful. If there is a problem we will help you to leave a message.

The next two arrows indicate Deposit. The only thing that happens is that we send the Bitcoin we bought from Paxful to Binance through the option called Deposit. I have to say this too. Many countries in Binance can buy Bitcoin from Binance itself.

Another arrow indicates Withdrow, which is the option to transfer the money we have traded and transfer the money in Binance to another wallet. Let’s talk about how we do this separately.


Create Paxful Account


First, let’s see how to send Bitcoin from Paxful to Binance. First, click on Deposit in the image below.

How to Bitcoin Share Paxful to Binance


Next you can see below. We are going to show you how to deposit a small amount of Bitcoin and how to deposit to Bitcoin Binance.

The first arrow here shows where you select the Coin to Send to Binance. It means what cryptocurrency, or what coin you are going to send to Binance.

We are going to send Bitcoin from Paxful now so select Bitcoin here. Also keep this in mind as well. That is, if you make a mistake here and select another coin and we send Bitcoin, you will lose your bitcoin. Also, if he selects Bitcoin and sends another Coin, the Send Coin will be lost. So keep that in mind.


Select Bitcoin in that way and click on the place marked by the down arrow and the long Bitcoin address on the left side will be copied. Otherwise we can copy the address in the same way as we would copy a normal text.

Log Paxful Account

Now let’s go back to the Paxful Account. Click on the Wallet menu, which is indicated by an arrow in the picture at the beginning of this article. Next you can see as shown in the image below.

Click Send there.

This is where we send Bitcoin to another wallet. We are now going to send our Bitcoin to Binance. Available here is the amount of Bitcoin you currently have purchased and in your Paxfull Wallet. Clicking on the blue Bitcoin amount will enter the entire BTC amount in your wallet in the BTC Amount field. Or you can type only the amount you want to send.

OK I’m going to send you the full bitcoin bit. Next, paste the copied Bitcoin address from the Binance Account to the To bitcoin address in the second arrow below. Then give Continue.

Next we will get a window as shown above which will mention the Bitcoin Network Fee charged for our Bitcoin Transaction and below it will ask for the password of the Paxfull Account.

Check Deposit Balance in Binance Account

Double check the BTC address we have given here and enter the Password and send Send Bitcoin Now. Here you will receive a message stating that Bitcoin has been sent to the Bitcoin address you provided. It takes a few minutes to an hour to go from Bitcoin Paxful to Binance and if we enter the correct Bitcoin address the Bitcoin will definitely come to our Binance Account.

Let us now go back to the Binance Account. After a while, reload the deposit page where we first copied the Bitcoin address. Below the Recent Deposit History below, you can see that the Bitcoin you sent from Paxful has arrived.

OK, so now we have successfully purchased Bitcoin and sent it to the Binance Account for trading. So now he’s starting the best. You can now select Classic under Trade in the Binance menu as shown in the image below.


Now you can see the price of Bitcoin changes over time. If you have not previously traded in Binary in Forex, this interface will feel unfamiliar. But do not worry, we will explain this from the beginning. This is very easy to understand.

If you Not yet the Binance Account ; use the bellow button


Create Binance Account


Now you know how to work with Bitcoin in Binance and How to Make Money Online Successfully With Bitcoin. We will see in the next article how to keep Bitcoin cheap for a long time.