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Best Deals Of realme Buds Q – Black Friday Online Sale In 2022

Realme is one of the world’s leading company of manufacturers of electronic devices. They introduce there first TWS earphones Buds Air in end of the 2019. They Called it REALME BUDS Q. Black Friday is the world biggest online sale in the year. We can buy lot of electronic items with super discounts on this day. Today we going to talk about Best Deals Of realme Buds Q – Black Friday Online Sale In 2022.

About realme Buds Q

Best Deals Of realme Buds Q - Black Friday Online Sale In 2022


They released this earphone model in end of 2019. But they already sell this Air Buds in China, India & Europe. But now you can buy this item in Black Friday sell in 2022 with superb discount.

Realme Buds Q  is in Quite Black color which has yellow accents but they become hidden once the earbud is plugged into your ears. Unfortunately the Buds Air, the Buds Q are bean-shaped with rubber tips, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Buds design.

Main Features About realme Buds Q

Best Deals Of realme Buds Q - Black Friday Online Sale In 2022

20-Hour Total Playback with Non-Stop Music

Gaming Mode With Super Low Latency  – Only 119ms*

10mm Large Driver – Dynamic Bass Boost

Instant Connection – Bluetooth 5.0

Intelligent Touch Controls – You can Control Music, Calls & More

Lighter than a sheet of A4 paper

realme Buds Q weighs only 3.6g and is made of light but strong PC+ABS special polymer composite. The ergonomic coracoid structure can perfectly fit in the ear canals, providing comfort even when wearing for a long time.

Small Size, Big Battery

Even with Buds small size, each bud has a 40mAh built-in battery. Together with  large 400mAh battery in the charging case, realme Buds Q has a superb battery life, which can easily allow all-day use.

20 Hours Total Playback

  • 4.5 Hours – Single continuous, music listening time
  • 5 Hours – Single continuous, gaming time
  • 3 Hours – Single continuous, calling time
  • 6 Hours – Single continuous, video watching time

Incredible Sound Experience

The Realme Buds Q has a 10mm large Dynamic bass boost driver with premium PEEK & PU special polymer composite diaphragm. As a result, you can get clear vocals in mid & high range frequencies as well as powerful bass for an incredible sound experience with this Air Bud

Powerful Bass

With the Dynamic Bass Boost (DBB) solution, the bass is more powerful and deep, and gives the same experience as when you are in a concert.

Instant Connection with Bluetooth 5.0

The realme Buds Q comes with a powerful R1Q chip, that supports to technology of Bluetooth 5.0. Therefore, you can connect realme Buds Q with your phone in the time you open the case and take them out.

Super Low Latency Gaming Mode

The R1Q chip supports dual-channel, real-time transmission technology, and the two buds can stay connected to your phone independently. After, the Gaming Mode drastically reduces the latency to 119ms. The Final result is perfect sync between audio and visuals while watching movies or playing games.

Best Deals For realme Buds Q for Black Friday In 2022

For this year Black Friday, You can buy this realme Buds Q Air Bud With amazing discount in gearbest.comEvery year they give to you best discounts for special days in year like Black Friday. In this year, They will definitely be given to you this offer.

Conclusion About Best Deals Of realme Buds Q – Black Friday Online Sale In 2022

In this Article, we talked about 2022 Black Friday deal for realme Buds Q. I think this article is very helpful to all those around the world who are waiting to buy this Air Bud.

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