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Online Shopping: Is It Overtaking Traditional In-Store Shopping?

Online Shopping Is It Overtaking Traditional In-Store Shopping

The internet, without a doubt, is redefining our lives in some ways. It shows the way we are shopping. during this digital era, it’s possible to buy anytime and anywhere. Whether you’re on a train, in your car, or on your bed, you’ll buy the items you would like.

Despite the growing popularity of online shopping, there are still many of us who prefer an in-store shopping experience. With this being said, one could be wondering – what’s more popular, online, or in-store shopping? We are here to shed light on this question. keep it up reading and know the solution.

Online Shopping Is It Overtaking Traditional In-Store Shopping

Online Shopping Is It Overtaking Traditional In-Store Shopping

A Look at the Statistics

To learn what’s more popular, online, or in-store shopping, let’s check out some statistics from reputable sources. As they assert, the numbers don’t lie, in order that they will help us to possess an objective answer to our question.

In one report from Statista, it’s noted that that the e-commerce share of the entire retail sales by 2023 will grow by the maximum amount as 22%. In North America, an equivalent report notes that the share of e-commerce in total sales is 8.1%. It also concludes that India is that the top country that will see the very best growth in online shopping sales from 2019 to 2023. Statista also reports that in 2018, there are 1.8 billion people worldwide who shopped online.

Meanwhile, in one report from Mastercard Spending Pulse, as written by The NY Times, it’s been revealed that sales from online shopping within us grew by 18.8% compared to its performance in 2018.

However, it’s too early to form conclusions. Despite the growing trends that show the recognition of online shopping, this doesn’t mean that it’s overtaking traditional stores. In a piece of writing from Forbes, it’s been shared that folks spend more once they are shopping in-store compared to once they are buying online. Emotion plays a big role during this trend. The human interaction makes it easier to convince buyers. they’re trying to find visceral experiences. there’s also a better rate of impulse shopping.

Store Shopping

Online Shopping Is It Overtaking Traditional In-Store Shopping

Shopping Begins Online

Regardless of where people shop, it’s interesting to notice that the consumer’s journey starts online. People search online for the items that they need to get.

To begin their shopping online, one thing that more people do is to read reviews and guides. that’s when websites like will come handy. it’s an internet site which will make people well-informed purchase decisions. which will also direct you to a link where you’ll buy specific products online.

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Digital marketing also plays an important role. Gone are the times when businesses depend solely on traditional means of promoting their products and services, like through television, print, and radio. Combining these traditional means with online platforms, like social media and emails, will benefit your business greatly. With this, when people see the ads online, they quickly become attracted, and from here, they decide whether or not they are going to be making the acquisition online or offline.

Online Shopping Is It Overtaking Traditional In-Store Shopping

Online Shopping Is It Overtaking Traditional In-Store Shopping

Driving Forces Behind the Growth of Online Shopping

One of the various things that creates online shopping more popular is the convenience that it offers to buyers. As previously mentioned, you’ll shop anytime and anywhere. that creates it a superb alternative for busy people that don’t have the time to travel to the mall or visit a physical shop. you’ll shop even in the dark when all the stores are closed. Online stores are accessible round-the-clock.

Online shopping also makes it easier to compare prices. In the past, you will have to hop from one store to another if you would like to do comparison shopping. Whereas, when you shop online, you can do it in the comfort of your seat. You can visit multiple stores and shopping platforms to compare prices.

Besides, online shopping also means you’ll read reviews from other users. Through the real-life experiences that they’re sharing, it’ll be easier for you to weigh the pros and cons of the merchandise. However, it might be best if you were careful to form sure that the reviews are authentic.

Online Shopping Is It Overtaking Traditional In-Store Shopping

What Online Shopping Lacks

One of the most important things that online shopping lacks is human connection. you’re interacting with a computer or mobile. there’s nobody who you’ll ask. as an example, if you’ve got questions on the products, you can’t get an instantaneous answer. While chat support is usually available, it’s commonly just a chatbot, and you can’t expect a real response.

Most physical stores also are capitalizing on experiences. Many companies are investing in making their stores look the simplest to appeal to the emotions of the buyers. From the color of the shop to the planning, it can help in creating unique experiences that customers will love.

When you are shopping online, there’s also no opportunity for a physical inspection of the merchandise that you simply are buying. you can’t see its actual colors, sizes, and conditions. Often, the photographs are often deceiving, which could make it tougher for you to return up with the proper decision. it’s not uncommon for a few buyers to be disappointed after knowing that the merchandise they bought is such a lot different from the way they’re advertised on websites.


In sum, from the items mentioned above, it’s clear that online shopping is becoming more popular year after year. Among others, its most vital benefit is the convenience that it offers to buyers. However, despite this notable trend, it’s essential to notice that in-store shopping isn’t dead. People are spending more on in-store shopping. the most important challenge for online retailers isn’t to lose the human touch and supply a far better experience in order that they will appeal to the emotions of their buyers.

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