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5G smartphone with a physical keyboard is coming in 2021

5G smartphone with a physical keyboard is coming in 2021

5G smartphone with a physical keyboard is coming in 2021

BlackBerry is preparing to make yet another return to the smartphone market. After the abandonment of TCL, the cult Canadian brand will partner with FIH Mobile and Onward Mobility, two subsidiaries of Foxconn. Building on this new partnership, BlackBerry will launch a 5G smartphone with a physical keyboard in the course of 2021.

In 2016, TCL partnered with BlackBerry to relaunch the famous brand, best known for its smartphones with a physical keyboard. From this partnership was born the BlackBerry KEYOne , BlackBerry KEY2 , BlackBerry KEY2 LE and BlackBerry Motion. Faced with the mixed success of the devices, TCL signed the end of its agreement with the firm last February, announcing in the wake of the end of the marketing of phones signed BlackBerry .

BlackBerry rises from the ashes

But BlackBerry has yet to say its last word. In an enthusiastic press release, the Canadian brand has just announced its comeback for 2021 . This time, the company has licensed the BlackBerry brand to FIH Mobile and Onward Mobility, two subsidiaries of the Foxconn manufacture. Onward Mobility will take care of the distribution and marketing strategy while FIH Mobile will take care of the hardware part. For its part, BlackBerry will essentially provide its brand as well as the software part.

BlackBerry aims to launch its next smartphone in the course of the year 2021. According to the press release, it would be a 5G smartphone equipped with a physical keyboard. True to its brand image, BlackBerry will primarily target the corporate world . “Business professionals are looking for secure 5G devices that focus on productivity, without sacrificing user experience. BlackBerry smartphones are known to protect communications, privacy and data, ”said Peter Franklin, CEO of Onward Mobility.

The manager is also committed that the next smartphones from BlackBerry offer “all the attributes and functions of today’s most sophisticated smartphones – and more – at a competitive price . ”

What do you think of BlackBerry’s umpteenth return to the smartphone market against competitors like Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi and Apple? Could you fall for a phone with a physical keypad? We await your opinion in the comments below.

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