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Apple Christmas Sale 2020 : Watch Series 5 (44mm GPS) Price Match – £362.99 at Currys PC World

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I saw a good price on tecobuy for an Apple Watch Series 5 44mm GPS that was also in stock at PCWorld, I went to the same store that price matched the headphones, different assistant today but it was a lot smoother and easier of a price match. No issues.
It was that smooth I went back to the assistant that serviced me and got a 4K Apple TV 32gb price matched for £143 (normally £179) I would have gone for the 64gb for £150 (normally £199) but PCWorld had no stock in store. It took me 2 stores to get a price match on the previous headphone deal so don’t give up if it’s really something you want There is also different size and color variations that are cheaper, for example, 44mm, GPS in white is £349 (I wanted black) they would have to be in stock in PCWorld in-store to match the price.