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Christmas Sale 2019: licenses for Microsoft applications and operating systems

Christmas Sale licenses for Microsoft applications and operating systems

It’s already Christmas sale at URcdkey: Windows 10 Pro at 11,19 €, Office 2019 Pro Plus at 47,99 € and Office 2016 Pro Plus at 28,79 €

If you are looking for licenses for Microsoft applications and operating systems, but also for games, the Urcdkey site allows you to make big savings compared to the prices you usually charge. this is Christmas sale offer 

When updating a computer or just assembling one from scratch, we must not forget to take into account the significant cost that is the entire software. The games are also likely to weigh quite heavily in the necessary budget.

It is at this moment that it is advisable to look into the very advantageous offers that propose the site URCDKEY. (Christmas sale offer Promotion Code) Indeed, with prices reduced from 72 to 92% compared to those practiced by Microsoft, installing the latest version of Windows or the Office suite is immediately easier. The activation codes are sent to you by email, very quickly after your payment

While Microsoft is about to discontinue the support of Windows 7 permanently, the refractory to the transition to Windows 10 Pro no longer have the choice and the transition is facilitated by the small price that the site URCDKEY offers it: only € 13.99.

And as, in addition, you can benefit from an immediate discount of 20% (on Microsoft applications), with the promo code PA20 , the license of Windows 10 Pro is only 11,19 €.

Similarly, the URcdkey site allows you to purchase the Microsoft Office 2016 Pro and Office 2019 Pro Office Suite licenses at unbeatable prices:

You will also find on the Urcdkey website gift cards as well as many games for PC, PS4 or Xbox at a low price. These are available on the Steam, Origin and UPlay platforms. You can benefit from discounts ranging from 17 to 30% on Borderlands 3, eFootball PES2020 and FIFA20 games.

Up to 90% off Microsoft Original software

Are the licenses sold by SCDkey / URcdkey legal?

Since July 3, 2012, throughout the European Union, “a software developer can not oppose the resale of its used licenses allowing the use of its programs downloaded via the internet”. And this in accordance with the following decision of the Court of Justice of the EU: View

This decision was completed on June 18, 2014, by the Frankfurt Regional Court which decreed (act AZ 2-06 O 469/13) that the sale of an activation key without the certificate of authenticity is authorized.

SCDkey / URcdkey, like other resellers, can therefore legitimately sell Windows 10 licenses at low prices. You should know that the keys sold are subject to validation by Microsoft, at the time of registration.

Rare cases of failed registration may occur. In this situation, SCDkey / URcdkey provides a new activation key to the buyer. Win A Free Mac Pro and get Biggest Discount Of All Time