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Private sale Freebox Mini 4K with Netflix offered

Private sale Freebox Mini 4K with Netflix offered

Private sale Freebox Mini 4K with Netflix offered at 14.99 € per month for 1 year

As we announced on Tuesday morning, Free launched a new private sale on the Veepee website. The offer concerns the subscription to the Freebox Mini 4K with a Netflix Essential subscription offered. It is possible to subscribe for € 14.99 per month until December 10, 2019, at 10 am.  



Let’s go for the new private sale Free which offers a Triple Play offer, internet, TV and telephony. This is the Freebox Mini 4K subscription with the Netflix Essential option offered (1 screen) which increases to 14.99 € per month for 1 year. Beyond the promotional period, the subscription fee is 34.99 € for the Freebox Mini 4K subscription and 7.99 € for the Netflix Essential option respectively.

If you subscribe, know that you are subject to a commitment of 1 year. You must be a member of the website to take advantage of this good plan. Freebox subscribers can then subscribe to one of the free, no-obligation, free mobile plans: the 2H package at 0 € / month instead of 2 € / month or the Free Package at 15.99 € / month instead of 19.99 € / month. Finally, you need 49 € commissions and 49 € terminations if you come from another operator.

As a reminder or for information, the Freebox Mini 4K subscription includes a TV with 220 included channels including 100 in HD, Freebox Replay and VOD. It offers Internet connection speeds in ADSL2 +, VDSL2 or fiber optics up to 1Gb / s in downstream flow and 600Mb / s in upstream flow. On the telephony side, we find calls are also unlimited to landlines of 110 destinations, including metropolitan France and overseas territories.