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Christmas Samsung TV deals 2022 – Offers are in, here’s what you could get

Christmas Samsung TV deals 2022

It’s time to make the most of Christmas Samsung TV deals – here are the best we’ve found

The Christmas Samsung TV deals have arrived, with new reductions arriving now the turkey has been consumed and the big day itself is upon us. We’ve been keeping an eye on Samsung TV deals during this sales period, picking out the best ones, from budget monitors to absolute beasts, but they all offer excellent picture quality. We also have some guidance in our handy FAQ, in case you have any questions you need answered before making your point on a particular deal featured in our report.

Samsung’s range of excellent TVs is so good that several of them make our list of the best gaming TVs. Some of the best TVs for PS5 and Xbox Series X will also work if you’re not looking to use them just for gaming.

Last year we saw some great holiday deals on Samsung TVs over the weekend, including QLED and 8K models. We’ve already seen discounts on some of the best 2022 models this year, so you can get a high-quality TV at a discount.

To give you a better idea of ​​what to expect, you’ll also find the best Christmas deals on Samsung TVs from the past year on this page. These provide a great example of the savings typically seen during holiday sales. If Samsung isn’t your brand, don’t worry, we’re also rounding up the best Sony TV Christmas deals and all the Christmas OLED TV deals.

Christmas Samsung TV Deals in the US

Christmas Samsung TV Deals in the UK

Frequently Asked Questions :Samsung TV deals for Christmas

When will Samsung TV Christmas deals start?

The big day will be Sunday, December 25th this year, when the biggest deals are likely to be launched.

However, amazing deals were already taking off in the days leading up to this. Retailers have a habit of going early and early for the deals each year, or bringing Christmas

Samsung TV takes it forward and extends it over a longer period.

They continue after Christmas is over, too; Along with the shift to end-of-year deals and Happy New Year’s Eve sales, it’s not unusual to see some arrive as early as January.

Is it worth waiting for the special Christmas Samsung TV deals?

Televisions and big-brand TVs at the time to see some of the biggest and deepest price cuts across all technologies around Christmas and the weeks around. As a result, it’s easily the best time of year to get a chance at a historically low price, a never-before-seen price cut, or even get other gear bundled into a great all-in-one package. If you can hold onto this year’s Samsung TV deals, you’ll give yourself a great chance of making the biggest savings ,especially on this year’s latest and greatest models.

However, it’s worth noting that Best Buy’s latest sale also offers a Christmas Price Guarantee to its My Best Buy members. Membership is free and you’ll be able to secure your transition screen early without worrying about snapping up the price later. That’s because Best Buy will refund you the difference if your purchase price drops further over the next few weeks , just look out for the Christmas Price Guarantee when you check out these early Christmas Samsung TV deals.

Where will the best Samsung TV Christmas shows be?

Naturally, we think one of the best places to catch up on Samsung TV Christmas holiday deals would be on this same site, but we know which retailers are likely to be playing the game. These are the places we usually look for the best deals, so if you want to do your research early, give these sites a try!

What to Expect – Christmas Holiday Samsung TV Deals

In terms of specifics, there are probably too many individual models to try to keep track of, but a few broad ranges have been highlighted to give us an idea of ​​what to expect from Samsung’s holiday TV deals for 2022. First, let’s start with those new NeoQLED TVs. Its flagship 4K model, the Samsung QN95B Neo QLED, is already seeing some very tasty cuts of $1,000 or more that should now continue to be a few months later.

Moving up a notch, our new 8K NeoQLED flagship, the QN900B (65-inch) has also seen a steady downward trend in price – its lifespan started at around $5,000, and we’ve seen it go for around $3,999 over the past few months, so wait for some nice savings in 2022.

For mid-level to entry-level TVs, something like the 2020 Crystal 4K TVs could be a great candidate for incredible deals that will fall out of Samsung’s premium-level displays. In our review of the Samsung TU7000, we noted that the balance between quality and value offered by these models is really at an excellent level, even at normal prices. Given its previous low of $50 + over $500, we wouldn’t be surprised to see something in this range, at a 65-inch size that’s at least $500, and offers great value for wall-filling.

But these are just a few samples in a sea of ​​quality options. In general, last year’s models may see the biggest value points, but if you want to keep up with technological developments, we’d bet on 2022 models and NeoQLED panels that will also see deep discounts.

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