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Cyber Monday Sale – The Yamaha sub woofer is at 329 €

Cyber Monday Sale - Yamaha

Cyber Monday Sale  – Need a Home Cinema? The Yamaha YHT1996 (amp, speakers, subwoofer) package is at 329 €

If you are looking for a home cinema package at a good price in Cyber Monday Sale time for your living room, Boulanger currently offers a Yamaha bundle containing an amp, 5 speakers and a box for 329 euros. Focus on this good deal!

Cyber Monday Sale - Yamaha

It is as part of its “Automate me” operation that the Boulanger online shop allows its customers to buy the Yamaha YHT1996 pack at 329 euros instead of 399 euros.


The immediate delivery of 70 euros is done automatically in the basket. The promotional offer ends this Thursday, November 7, 2019. Regarding possible shipping costs, it is advisable to remove the product in the Boulanger store for free.

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About the pack, it is composed of “a Home-Cinema amplifier, 5 speakers and a subwoofer. The amplifier with 4K Ultra HD upscaling delivers powerful 5-channel surround sound. You will place the 5 front, surround and center speakers around your living room to enjoy an enveloping sound. Their nominal power of 30 Watts reveals a sound powerful enough for all your films. The subwoofer with a power of 50 Watts will highlight all the sound effects.

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