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Singles Day Offer – Windows 10 license

Singles Day Offer - Windows 10 license

Singles Day Offer: buy the Office Pro Plus suite and receive a free Windows 10 license

This good plan offered by the site GoodOffer24 (Single Day Offer) is very interesting because it allows you to install an Office Professional Suite Newest (2016 or 2019) and Windows 10 (Pro or Home) at prices between € 24.99 and 42.99 €.

On November 11 and 12, 2019, the Chinese will celebrate Singles Day. For this occasion, many sites will carry out exceptional promotional operations, which will allow you to benefit from very small prices. For its part, the site GoodOffer24 allows you to acquire the licenses of the use of two applications for the price of one.

Singles Day Offer - Windows 10 license

So until November 12 (Single Day Offer), if you buy a key to activate the office suite Microsoft Office Pro Plus, you also will receive a free to install Windows 10 on a computer. For example, for the purchase of Office Pro Plus 2016 for € 24.99, the Windows 10 Home license will be provided (€ 25.99 with Windows 10 Pro). Four bundles are available:

As soon as your purchase is made, the keys to activate the applications are sent to you by email.

And if you do not need Office and Windows, you can use promo code JGO1111 to get an immediate 25% discount on the following apps:

The site GoodOffer24 also offers many games for PC (on platforms Steam, Origin or UPlay) and Xbox at very advantageous rates.

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