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Smart TV LED 4K UHD Samsung (163 cm) Sale

Smart TV LED 4K UHD Samsung

Smart TV LED 4K UHD Samsung (163 cm)

Nice deal at Cdiscount! If you are looking for a 65 inch LED Smart TV 4K UHD Samsung brand at a great price, please note that the website offers promotional model UE65RU8005 for 749.99 euros.

Directing the Cdiscount platform where the sign allows its members to purchase the Samsung U65RU8005 Samsung 4K UHD Smart TV from 65 inches to 749.99 euros; more than 50% immediate discount from the merchant site. For information, the shipping costs amount to 9.99 euros if the relay point delivery was chosen. The price of the TV then comes to 759.98 euros.

Smart TV LED 4K UHD Samsung

Smart TV LED 4K UHD Samsung (163 cm)



For this price, you have a 65 inch (diagonal 163 cm) TV with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. Regarding the connection, there are 4 HDMI ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports, 1 LAN port for the network and 1 digital audio output (optical).

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With Smart TV technology, you can turn your favorite applications into 4K with the help of Wifi integration. The TV also features HDR 10+ technology, 2500 Picture Quality motion enhancement technology, and image enhancements such as Digital Clean View and Dynamic Crystal Color. Finally, the TV has a two-year warranty (parts, labor, and travel).


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