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Christmas drone deals 2022: Best sales from DJI, Autel, Skydio more

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The Christmas drone deals 2022 have now fully taken off, with some great price cuts available on all the leading brands from DJI drones to Autel, Skydio and more deals.

If you’re looking for a new aerial photography and videography companion, check out our pick of all the latest drone deals below.

About Christmas drone deals

With the Christmas deals now in full swing, most retailers have released their deals into the skies, with some of the best top branded drones appearing in the huge discounts.

Best Buy, for example, has some biggest discounts on Autel’s impressive flying drone cameras in the US, while in the UK the DJI Mini 2 brand and DJI Mavic Air 2 branded drones Fly More Combo both offer excellent value thanks to their give huge discounts at Amazon UK.

DJI itself is also running some more limited time offers, but one that’s definitely worth waiting for (in the USA, at least) is a 15% price off on the DJI Mini 2’s Fly More Combo, which will be available on December 25 only.

Whichever model you’re looking for, we’ve rounded up all of the best Christmas drone deals 2022 below in our regularly updated guide.

Christmas drone deals in the US

Christmas drone deals in the US are now live from world best and branded retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart, and some more specialist retailers like Adorama are following suit. We’ve listed all of those sales below, which include some impressive discounts on Autel drones.

Christmas drone deals in the UK

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What should I consider when buying a flying drone camera?

If you’re new to flying drone cameras, it can be tricky to decide which one to target in the Christmas drone deals. For drones with built-in cameras and sensors. Rather than cinewhoop stunt drones for FPVs. The best starting point is deciding where you’re planning to capture and publish the video and photos.

For example, if your capturing aerial shots are mainly for social media or B-roll. You might be better off spending less on a compact drone with smaller sensors. Those who are looking to great shoot for bigger TV screens, or in more challenging lighting conditions, will benefit from a camera drone with a larger 1-inch (or larger) sensor, like the DJI Air 2S.

In general, the size of a your drone, along with. Its wind resistance and pricing goes up with the size of that camera sensors. Those who are looking to dabble with drones, or need a gift to give to a budding pilot. It will be fine with a toy model like the very affordable Ryze Tello. Which is made by DJI, which is considered the leader in the drone market.

It has a small sensor and limited 100m range but is a very affordable way to learn the ropes before committing some serious cash to more professional models.

4K High video quality

If you need 4K high video quality, you’ll need to spend at least minimum $400 / £400 / AU$750. The original DJI Mavic Mini is a good affordable drone to look out for this Christmas drone deals and is below that figure, but it’s only capable of shooting 2.7K video.

For 4K resolution, you’ll need to look at the next drone up, which includes the DJI Mini 2, FIMI X8 Mini, or DJI Mavic Air 2. These drones also come with very handy automated flight modes that are ideal for new beginners.

Above those drones are the prosumer models like the DJI Air 2S, Autel Evo II Pro, Skydio 2 (US-only), and of course the newly announced DJI Mavic 3. Once you reach this level, the size starts to become a consideration. And it’s worth considering whether the extra shooting power and features are worth that extra bulk.

In our book, the relatively compact DJI Air 2S. Its DJI Mavic Air 2 predecessor, sit in the sweet spot of size to performance. But you may want to go down to the tiny DJI Mini 2 SE. Or up to the 1kg weight of an Autel Evo II Pro. Depending on how important video and photo quality is to you.

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