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iPhone 12 Pro: this video shows what it could look like from every angle


The iPhone 12 Pro is still one of Apple’s best-kept secrets – but indiscretions are already drawing a robot portrait of its design. Elements that allowed a designer to create a first video rendering that shows what the next Apple smartphone could look like.


The iPhone 11, Pro and Pro Max have just come out, and although they seem to have made a good start, many technology fans are waiting to see what the apple brand will propose in 2020 . The iPhone 11 generation is not, in fact, the revolution that users could expect.


iPhone 12 Pro: here is what it could look like

Apple has indeed adopted for many years a launching rhythm nicknamed “Tick tock”, like the ticking of a clock. The principle? To propose every two years a major evolution, within the meantime an iteration which is rather there to perfect the achievements of the previous generation.

Logically after the iPhone X, for the blow really innovative compared to the previous generation, came iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max more licked, better in all respects, but without real revolution. The iPhone 11 was therefore expected as a break from this iPhone X cycle.

The smartphone is ultimately an evolution at the height of what Apple could do while keeping the same design (or at least a very close design), the same notch, but adding a new triple photosensor, the brushed glass in the back, a bigger battery, and a series of improvements. We are still far from what represented the iPhone X compared to the iPhone 7.

Suddenly the real revolution is rather expected for 2020. The iPhone 12, Pro and Pro Max (it would be fun that Apple changes its naming convention again …) must, according to the first rumors, finally remove this notch that the Android competition has already reduced or even completely disappear. It could probably introduce a new design, more angular, inspired by that of the iPhone 4.

Designer Tech Paradise imagines in a video what this iPhone could look like. According to him, however, Apple should still pull on the rope of its current design (which would not be surprising in the example of the iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and 5S). It also shows what a front face with Face ID hidden in the top border might look like.

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It is hoped, however, that Apple will in the meantime how to reduce these borders that would almost take for sidewalks. Tell us what you think of this concept in the comments area.