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Huawei plans to offer Huawei Harmony OS to other mobile phone

Huawei plans to offer Huawei Harmony OS to other mobile phone manufacturers

You already know a lot about the Harmony OS being developed by Huawei to replace Google’s Android operating system.

Richard Yu, Director, Huawei Consumer Business Group, was quoted as saying that Huawei plans (offer Huawei Harmony OS) to offer this latest operating system not only to Huawei products, but also to other mobile phone manufacturers.

Huawei is already working with developers to test the Harmony OS on some of its phones. And Huawei is expected to switch to the Harmony OS later this year.

Huawei's Harmony OS to other mobile phone

In the future, if other Chinese mobile phone makers are to face the same fate as Hauwei. It is likely that the decision will be aimed at reversing the impact.

However, with the exception of Samsung in South Korea, the majority of Android phones are made by Chinese companies. And if these Chinese companies switch to Harmony OS instead of Android, it will have a huge impact on Google.

However, the XDA-Developers website reported last December that the Harmony OS 2.0 beta version provided by Huawei to developers was based on Android.

You can use the Gizmochina website and the Huawei Central website to learn more about this .