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MIUI 12 Update and Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones

MIUI 12 Update and Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones

MIUI 12 Update: here are all Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones likely to receive the update

A list of smartphones potentially eligible for an update to MIUI 12 has been unveiled. It has no less than thirty mobiles with both models from the Mi and Redmi ranges. Based on Android 10, MIUI 12 should offer many new features, including the integration of dark mode at the system level.

While MIUI 11 is still being deployed, the first information about the next version, called MIUI 12 Update , is already arriving. In January, Xiaomi officially announced that the version of the customized ROM was under development, without specifying an official launch date. It seems logical that this version will be launched around the first anniversary of MIUI 11, that is to say at the start of the 2020 academic year. Of course, all this is still the only speculation since Xiaomi is careful not to advance on the slightest announcement on his calendar during this confusing period.

It is therefore on the side of leaks and rumors that we must turn to learn more. The Indian blog MiFreak has, for example, published an unofficial list of around thirty terminals which, potentially, could receive an update version MIUI 12. A list that counts as many Redmi as Mi and which scans the whole catalog of Xiaomi, from the entry-level with the Y models to the high end with the Mi Note and Mi MIX. Here is this list that we have classified according to the ranges.

We start with the Mi (including the Mi CC, the Mi A, and the Mi 9T):

We continue with the Redmi (including the Pocophone F1)

A list not always very credible

You will notice some names on this list that you may not know. These are, for some of the models exclusive to China. For others, these are the Indian or Chinese trade names. For some of these smartphones, we have a doubt about the credibility to bring to a potential update to MIUI 12 Update. The Redmi 5 Plus (also called Redmi Note 5 in China) is a good example. The smartphone will soon celebrate its two years and has already benefited from two major updates, from Android Nougat to Android Pie. It is not certain that it will go under Android 10. And therefore under MIUI 12.

MIUI 12 will logically be a very interesting update to discover. A new graphical interface is expected, as well as the integration at the operating system level, of the famous dark mode which is so successful. MIUI 12 will also offer better compatibility with so-called panoramic screens (with ratios ranging from 18: 9 to 21: 9). The new version of the customized ROM should also be compatible with application cloning, making it possible to separate two different accounts in the same application (for private and professional users, for example).