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Samsung galaxy Buds Plus vs Pixel Buds 2

Samsung galaxy Buds Plus vs Pixel Buds 2

Samsung galaxy Buds Plus vs Pixel Buds 2 , Which one wireless earbuds is win and Best ?

Google Pixel Buds 2 is a huge improvement over its predecessor, but they have serious competition with the excellent Samsung Buds Plus. Two of the best wireless headphones combinations you can buy, these in-ear headphones provide great sound quality, smart adaptive noise features, and stylish and attractive designs.

The choice between Google Pixel Buds 2 versus Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus can be narrowed to any phone you have, as Google Buds are optimized for Android compared to Galaxy Buds Plus, which is a relatively independent platform. But these two buttons provide a lot of attractive features regardless of your mobile operating system, from the excellent battery life of the Galaxy Buds Plus to the robust and durable structure of the Pixel Buds 2.

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Samsung galaxy Buds Plus vs Pixel Buds 2 Specifications

Google Pixel Buds 2 Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus
Price $179 $149
Colors Clearly White, Oh So Orange, Quite Mint, Almost Black White, Black, Red, Cloud Blue
Battery life (rated) 5 hours (24 hours with case) 11 hours (22 hours with case)
Size and weight 0.8 x 0.7 x 0.7 inches, 0.18 ounces 0.7 x 0.9 x 0.8 inches, 0.2 ounces
Durability IPX4 (water and sweat resistance) IPX2 (water resistance)
Special features Adaptive Sound, Google Assistant Ambient sound, EQ modes

Samsung galaxy Buds Plus vs Pixel Buds 2: Price and value

Samsung galaxy Buds Plus vs Pixel Buds 2

Samsung galaxy Buds Plus vs Pixel Buds 2 : Price and value

The new Google Pixel Buds 2 cost $179 and come in Google’s Clearly White hue, with Oh So Orange, Quite Mint and Almost Black options set to arrive later this year. Google’s buds are significantly pricier than the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, which cost $149 and come in White, Black, Red and Cloud Blue variations. If you’re looking for the cheapest earbuds out of the two, Samsung has the edge here.

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Samsung galaxy Buds Plus vs Pixel Buds 2: Design

These are a couple of elegant buds. Pixel Buds 2 and Galaxy Buds Plus both have attractive designs, comfortable wearability, and drooping from the ear like Apple AirPods.

However, something has to do with the perfect circular exterior of the Pixel Buds 2 that catches my eye even more, especially when comparing how both earphones appear in my ears. Google’s matte headphones have a little pop in design and look cleaner than the Buds Plus glossy headphones, but I was still happy to wear Samsung headphones in public for long periods of time.

Both headphones benefit from a range of colors: clear white, light orange, mint, and close to black for the Pixel Buds 2 and white, black, red, and cloud blue for Galaxy Buds Plus. Both sets of shades are attractive, but I like Pixel’s separate colors a bit more.

Google Pixel Buds 2 and Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus both have attractive charging cases that are activated via USB-C, both of which fit into pockets without a problem. However, I have to give Pixel Buds a slight advantage again: I prefer the flat Google cover design on the Samsung grain-like case, and it was easier for me to make the buds fit securely with the Pixel Bud charger. On the other hand, I discovered that the Pixel Buds 2 case is more prone to scratches and smudges than the Galaxy Buds case.

0.18 ounce Pixel Buds 2 and 0.2 ounces of Galaxy Buds Plus are incredibly lightweight and convenient, so much so that I often forgot that I had them when I was working at work or shopping for groceries. I discovered that Pixel Buds feels a little bit safer in my ear, but Galaxy Buds Plus offers more customization options. Both headphones have three sets of ear tips, but only Galaxy Buds Plus also includes interchangeable terminals to find the most suitable external ears.

Samsung galaxy Buds Plus vs Pixel Buds 2

Samsung galaxy Buds Plus vs Pixel Buds 2 : Price and value

Galaxy Buds Plus rated IPX2 for basic spray resistance, while Pixel Buds 2 rated IPX4 slightly stronger for sweat and water for a long time.

Samsung galaxy Buds Plus vs Pixel Buds 2: Controls

This tour is not a competition. The touch controls in Pixel Buds 2 proved reliable in my tests, allowing me to pause tracks with a click, skip tracks with a double tap, and even slide my finger up and down to control the volume.

Samsung galaxy Buds Plus vs Pixel Buds 2 buy

Samsung galaxy Buds Plus vs Pixel Buds 2 : Controls

By comparison, the controls on Galaxy Buds Plus are very sensitive and sensitive. Even when I programmed buds to perform the same actions as Pixel Buds, I often found that they skipped a track I was trying to pause, or paused the path when I barely wiped my fingers with buds. It’s not a decisive factor for Samsung headphones, but it’s a nuisance that gives Pixel Buds 2 an edge.

Winner: Google Pixel Buds 2

Samsung galaxy Buds Plus vs Pixel Buds 2: Audio quality

Google Pixel Buds 2 and Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus both offer powerful audio quality, but I enjoyed listening to more music on Google headphones.

Pixel Buds 2 shine especially on heavy rock tracks. Play Dance Gavin Dance “Lyrics Lie” game, rotating guitars, live bass and mix screaming and singing sounds. The same track looked a little bit slightly on the Galaxy Buds Plus: the guitars looked a bit muffled at high volumes, and I had trouble picking the bass.

I noticed a similar discrepancy when listening to other types, from the soft vocal guitar music of Vibe Bridges to the champagne pop radio and composite from Taylor Swift. Galaxy Buds Plus takes advantage of six different equalizer options in its accompanying app (Normal, Smooth, Bass Boost, Dynamic, Clear, and Three Times), but the only dynamic setup I’ve found comes close to Google quality. Buds

Winner: Google Pixel Buds 2

Samsung galaxy Buds Plus vs Pixel Buds 2: Battery life

This is where Samsung buds really shine. The Galaxy Buds Plus is rated for an incredible 11-hour battery life (with an additional 11 on charge), and in my experience they have lived up to that point. Several days went by without having to charge the Galaxy Buds case, even while I was wearing Samsung headphones for hours on end.

Pixel Buds 2 also doesn’t work in the endurance section. Google outbreaks are rated for 5 hours of endurance, but we found them to last up to 4.5 hours on real-world tests. Google promises a total listening time of up to 24 hours with a charging case. This is roughly on par with other headphones, like AirPods and AirPods Pro, but it can’t hold a candle for Galaxy Buds Plus.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus.

Samsung galaxy Buds Plus vs Pixel Buds 2: Features and compatibility

Samsung galaxy Buds Plus vs Pixel Buds 2 feachers

Samsung galaxy Buds Plus vs Pixel Buds 2 : Controls

Pixel Buds 2 and Galaxy Buds Plus have special features to customize audio output for your environment. The adaptive sound feature in Pixel Buds 2 automatically adjusts the size of the shots based on what is around you, while the Ambient Aware feature in Buds Plus allows you to manually choose the amount of external noise.

We’ve found that Adaptive Sound does a powerful job of automatically increasing the volume every time we enter a busy room, even if the effect is subtle. By providing three levels of sensitivity to allow sound in, Samsung Ambient Aware was also useful for listening to things like cars and pedestrians when walking. However, we found that the feature is sometimes very sensitive, which leads to a lot of muffled noise when the wind is windy.

Pixel Buds 2 takes advantage of Google’s intelligence, allowing you to summon Google Assistant with a long press and ask it to do anything from checking the weather to taking a self-portrait. The Buds offers simultaneous translation in conversation mode, and works with the accompanying Pixel Buds app so you can do things like check battery levels, find lost buds, and enable adaptive sound.

There is only one drawback: Pixel Buds 2 features are exclusive to Android devices. This is where Galaxy Buds Plus has a feature, as you can use the Galaxy Buds Plus app with iOS and Android, letting you enjoy features like Ambient Aware and multiple equalization modes, regardless of your phone preference. You can even use Buds Plus to call Siri on your iPhone.

Samsung galaxy Buds Plus vs Pixel Buds 2: Call quality

Neither of these earbuds have stellar call quality, but Google’s buds are a bit more reliable for talking over the phone. I used both earbuds to chat with a friend over Discord, and he noted that the Galaxy Buds sounded much grainier and less clear than Google’s earbuds. I still found the Galaxy Buds Plus to be fine for everyday calls, but you might want to lean towards the Pixel Buds if you want a pair of wireless earbuds you can use for your daily Zoom meetings.

Winner: Google Pixel Buds 2

Samsung galaxy Buds Plus vs Pixel Buds 2: Verdict

It was an extremely close fight, but the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus win this overall showdown thanks to its superb battery life, lower price and wider compatibility with iOS and Android.

Google Pixel Buds 2 Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus
Price and value (15) 10 13
Design (15) 13 13
Controls (10) 9 5
Audio quality (20) 15 12
Battery life (20) 10 20
Features and compatibility (15) 10 10
Call quality (15) 10 7
Overall 77 80

That said, there are plenty of reasons to pick the Pixel Buds 2 over Samsung’s flagship earbuds. The Pixel Buds 2 sound a bit better, have a more durable design and have some truly impressive software features, including Adaptive Sound and Google Assistant. It’s just a shame that you can only enjoy those features if you’re on an Android phone.

Overall, if you’re looking for the best battery life and feature set for the price, and want something that works well on either iOS or Android, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus are hard to top.

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