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Samsung prepares DexBook, a portable screen to transform your smartphone into a PC

Samsung DexBook

Samsung DexBook is working on a portable screen called DexBook. Specially designed to connect to smartphones, it is intended for users of the DeX functionality who wish to maintain total mobility while using their smartphone as a central unit.

The DEX feature has come a long way since its launch in 2017The idea of ​​Samsung was to allow users of high-end Galaxy to experience the environment of Android with the comfort of a PC screen, a physical keyboard, and a mouse. Since then, it has been possible to use it without going through a dedicated dock and Samsung is also feeding the project for a fully wireless DeX.

The firm wishes to push the concept even further and is developing a new type of accessory. According to the Korean ETNews site, which is often very well informed about the manufacturer, the latter works on a portable screen that can offer complete mobility to DeX users. The slab which is a diagonal of 14.1 inches would weigh less than a kilogram and is announced with a 10,000 mAh battery that will allow it to be used on the fly, without the need to connect it to a source of food.

Samsung DexBook: what interest?

We hardly perceive the interest of this new type of screen especially since it would cost between 400,000 and 500,000 won, or between 310 and 388 euros. We imagine it to be of little use if not to replace laptops on a daily basis. We already use our Android smartphones to perform many tasks while their increasingly comfortable power allows us to run very resource-intensive applications.

But this bet is far from being won for Korean. The ETNews report does not tell us much about the features of the device, much less about its design. The use of a flexible screen would be very relevant in order to make it less bulky and even more mobile. But this characteristic would not make it more of an incentive for most people.

LG for its part would work on the same type of device. Its screen would also have a diagonal of 14.1 inches for a weight of 600 g, much lighter than the DexBook. But the capacity of the battery would be two times less: 5000 mAh. The two devices are rumored to be on display by the end of the year. The portable screen of LG would have a price located in the same bracket as that of Samsung.